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Can we give you a shot list?

Of course! Email it over and we will review it.

How long is an engagement session?

Engagement sessions are one hour and can include different locations within that hour.

How many wedding photos do we get?

This is a difficult question to answer. Each couple allows a different amount of time for photos. Each couple will receive a different amount of photos. Our company also reserves the creative right to edit and release only those photos deemed creditable as professional in quality. Any and all photos that do not meet our standards are deleted.

Are you comfortable filming different weddings?

​Yes. We are experienced with any denomination of Christian faith, from Catholicism to Presbyterian, frequently handle Jewish ceremonies, and are also well experienced with Hindu-Indian and traditional Asian cultures such as Chinese and Japanese weddings, as well as traditional Greek, African, and other cultural ceremonies. So no matter what denomination your ceremony might be, the approach is pretty much the same.

Will you sign a vendor agreement if my venue requires it?

Please be advised that, if your venue requires us to sign and return any vendor agreements or need to be added to our insurance policy, there will be a nominal charge of $25.00. ​ We will send you an online invoice to complete before we send over any documents to your venue.

What is 4K Resolution? 

4K Ultra High Definition is 4 times the quality of 1080p high definition. So, you will get a better picture with 4K resolution. 

Do you work well with other vendors?

We love other vendors until they walk directly in front of our camera during a wedding.

Do you have more than one photographer and videographer?

Yes, we are a small but talented team. All our staff is trained to shoot the same way so our style and quality stay consistent with every client.

Do you bring backup gear?

Yes, we bring backup gear to all events

How long is the extended film?

You can expect your extended edit to be between 45 and 60 minutes depending on how much footage we must work with.

What is the extended film?

We put everything in the extended film such as the pre-ceremony (bride/groom prep), ceremony, and all of the reception highlights.

How long is the highlight film?

Typically, the length of one song is what we aim for the highlight film

Do you provide lighting?

Yes, we have everything. We only use lighting if we really need it. natural light is always best. We typically will use our lighting during the reception if it's dark.

What time will you be arriving on the wedding day?

We arrive no later than 45 minutes so we can unload our gear and set up.

Will, you mic anyone up for the film?

​We need to capture quality audio so we will use a small wireless mic on the groom or officiant. We also set up two other backup audio sources just in case the wireless mic signal should drop out. We always have a backup audio source running so we will most certainly capture the most important part of your day, your vows.

Can we split up the hours?

Unfortunately, the hours are continuous and straight through. This is the industry standard.

What is your most popular package?

Our 8-hour package is our most booked package.

Is Xen Weddings insured?

We sure are! We have a 2 million liability insurance policy which is always current and up to date.

What is your turnaround time for editing?

Our contractual promise is between 30-90 days post-wedding date but we like to get it to you within 7 business days after the wedding. We only use our certified editors to craft our films so when the busy season gets going, we sometimes fall in the later part of that promise, but most of our films turn around in 30-60 days which is an industry-standard. Some companies take up to 6 months to a year which is just unacceptable. If you need or want an even quicker turnaround time, there will be a nominal upcharge.

How do we get everything delivered?

Your wedding films will be sent via digital delivery. ​We send you a link to your film for safe keeping on your computer, and we send a Vimeo player link that you can share with the world when you are ready.

How does your drone cinematography work?

Drone footage is included in every package we offer! Xen has licensed drone operators. We will not fly the drone during the ceremony. We will, however, get drone footage of your venue and will include that footage in your film if weather, FAA, and timing permits. Please check out our films for examples of drone footage

Who picks the music?

After you reserve your date with us, we will send you a wedding film questionnaire where you can let us know what type of music you would like in your wedding film. We like to use cinematic music. The feel of your film will dictate what style of music we will use.

Do you charge for travel?


Do you provide all of the raw footage from our wedding?

Yes! All raw uncut footage is complimentary with every package, you will get a link to view and download all of the raw footage from your wedding day. Our clients love that we do this since they get to see the footage that was not in the final edit.


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